10 CO-WORKING SPACE LOCATIONS, highlights in the heart of the city around the Siam-Samyan area. The NEW NORMAL area, the choice of the new generation that help build cool inspirations.


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Let’s work together. Today, we have selected some of the cool CO-WORKING SPACE highlights in the heart of the city, both around Siam Square and Samyan, where one can work creatively. It is easy to get to and comes with comprehensive facilities, as well as, respect for SOCIAL DISTANCING. So what are we waiting for, let’s go…

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  1. Too Fast To Sleep SCB

If anyone is looking for a place to work or read in peace amidst a quiet atmosphere, then it must be here, “Too Fast To Sleep SCB”, a cafe and a co-working space where no matter how late it is, the location is always open 24 hours a day to welcome you with services to support working people and readers who need to concentrate late at night. For privacy, it also has meeting rooms, both large and small, to support Zoom or actual meetings. Of course, reservations would have to be made in advance. And if you are hungry, you don’t need to go anywhere far as they also have drinks and snacks on hand as well.

  • WiFi services
  • Open daily, 24 hours a day.
  • Call 086-300-9944
  • Location: Too Fast to Sleep SCB, Siam Square Soi 1 branch (2nd floor, Siam Commercial Bank).

Photo credit: Too Fast To Sleep

  1. CLASS CAFÉ (Siam Square One Branch)

A chic cafe and co-working space right in the heart of Siam Square. The location’s style is airy and comfortable and is suitable for reading and working. Snacks and beverages are also available. Easy access as it is directly connected to the by BTS Siam Station.

  • WiFi services
  • Open daily from 7 am. – 9 pm.
  • 02-218-3106
  • Location: CLASS Café, Siam Innovation District, Siam Square One

Photo credit: CLASS Cafe


A cafe where you can sit and work comfortably. They have a comprehensive range of food, pastries, and beverages, that are served directly to your table. The location also features a beautiful view of Siam Square as it is situated on the 7th floor. This is a place where you can work or read comfortably.

  • WiFi services
  • Open daily from 10 am. – 9 pm.
  • 093-826-4514
  • Location: 45 Craft Coffee at KBANK Siam Pic-Ganesha, 7th floor, Siam Square One

Photo credit: 45 Craft Coffee


A meeting and seminar area, with several M-XL sized rooms to choose from, including projectors and home theater screens, and wireless microphones. Anyone looking for a space to conduct workshops or seminars, this is the place to be. The location provides a wide range of comprehensive services to support every type of meeting.

  • WiFi services
  • Open daily from 9 am. – 10 pm.
  • 095-586-7563
  • Location: Sofinspace, Siam Square Soi 1

Photo credit: Sofinspace


The beginning of a business can be started here at TusPark. The highlight here is a comprehensive consulting service to support all types of startup businesses where they can help facilitate every business possibility. Here, you can find meeting rooms, co-working spaces, and a friendly atmosphere. Additionally, if anyone is looking for an exhibition hall, here is the place to be.

  • WiFi services
  • Open daily from 8 am. – 5 pm.
  • 062-595-6750
  • Location: Block 28


Space available for creatives. Complete space solutions to meet every need, i.e. reading, , working, meetings, seminars, training, workshops, product launches or Meet & Greet events. The Event Space area can accommodate up to 50 people. Supports every requirement.

  • WiFi services
  • Open daily from 9 am. – 7 pm.
  • 02-105-4655
  • Location: I am Park

Photo credit: KliqueX

  1. JUST CO

A large 6-storey co-working space covering an area of ​​over 12,000 sq. meters, and can accommodate more than 2,500 users, with a variety of areas to serve as needed. The branch’s main facilities are a combination of relaxation and co-working spaces. Unassigned desk spaces, quiet corners, meeting rooms, and more, including a sky café zone providing a spectacular view overlooking the city center, which allows members to relax while working.

  • WiFi services
  • Open Mondays-Fridays from 8.30 am. – 6 pm. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.
  • 02-055-8606
  • Location: JUST CO, 24th – 27th floor, Mitrtown Office Tower

8.Samyan Co-Op

Co-Learning Space is set amidst a pleasant ambiance, which is fun to sit in without the accompanying monotony. The area consists of several zones, and most importantly, the location has designated a special corner for anyone who would like to read in peace. This corner is very quiet and most appropriate for reading. The location can be reached conveniently via the MRT Samyan station.

  • WiFi services
  • Open daily 24 hours.
  • 02-219-6999
  • Location: Samyan Mitrtown

Photo credit: Samyan Co-Op

  1. NapLap

Co-Napping Workspace, with its yellow, eye-catching design, provides a cozy atmosphere just like home. The location houses different types of zones to choose from. The highlight of this place is the relaxation corner with the chic name, “Escape From Work”, which is designed for anyone who wishes to relax and unwind and includes items such as punching bags and boxing gloves, where you can punch, kick, or just simple stretching. For anyone having a brain block, we recommend the slider, which is sure to enhance your thoughts.

  • WiFi services
  • Open daily 24 hours.
  • 095-951-9523
  • Location: Stadium One

Photo credit: NapLap

  1. Spaces

The interior of Spaces is decorated with artwork that offers a pleasant ambiance that is conducive for working for people who are constantly busy on the phone. They have a dedicated room for talking on the phone where you can talk to your heart’s content. The co-working space can be converted into a courtyard for organizing activities or workshops.

  • WiFi services
  • Open daily 24 hours.

– Tel. 02-844-9485

– Location: 24th floor, Chamchuri Square

Photo credit: Spaces


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