Smart People creates an environment that fosters creativity and life-long learning so that the local community are instilled with knowledge, abilities and expertise, and be ready to become a major driving force and further help develop the city.

“People” is an important resource that helps to drive and develop a more comprehensive city. Therefore, PMCU recognizes the importance of human development, and having the choice to live a quality life, as well as, creating various learning opportunities under the concept of “Life-long Learning”. This concept is not only an academic issue, but we believe in the power of creativity and learning outside the box where everyone in the community has equal access and creating an environment that encourages learning at every step, anywhere, anytime within this charming neighborhood.



  • Performance: Lido Connect
  • Art & Gallery: Chula Art Town / Exhibition Art / Art4C / The Shophouse 1527 x Labyrinth cafe
  • Digital Art: FAAMAI Digital Art Hub
  • Co-working: 30++



  • Chula Mooc
  • Chula Library
Open online course subjects

When stepping into the ​​Chula area and its surrounding neighborhood, it is hard to deny that wherever we look, we will see various forms of art scattered throughout the area. Whether it’s a work of a cool street art in the city center created by 50 world-class Thai and foreign artists who had come together to reflect creative ideas and convey their beautiful and creative narratives on the district community’s way of life on the walls of various buildings under the “Chula Art Town” project at all 47 locations around Siam Square and Samyan, where one can also read their stories behind each picture through QR code scanning, or even the “manhole covers” or “zebra crossings” which has become objects where art can be conveyed to narrate fun stories. In the future, there will be more than 16 digital art sculptures that will be considered as cool and hard to find within the area under the “Day & Night Digital Art Park” project. We believe that the street art available in the district is akin to an outdoor art exhibition space that everyone within the community can access. We will now seeing a lot more people taking pictures, checking in, and sharing them on their social media accounts. In addition to providing enjoyment from these art pieces, it also helps to keep the business of the stores in the neighborhood more active and increase sales. It can be said that it truly supports the people in the community.

The center of knowledge in which anyone can access anywhere, anytime.

Reputed to be the top university in the country, Chulalongkorn University is not only focused on education in the classroom, or only educating students, but also recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for its personnel, people in the surrounding communities, and the general public to have access to all-round knowledge, from having access to good books with every body of knowledge contained within the Chulalongkorn Library, all 42 large and small libraries throughout the university, or from the e-learning platform in the “ CHULA MOOC ” project where faculty members, experts, and gurus in various fields come to share their knowledge on various topics that can be applied and learned anywhere, or at any convenient time. It is like a modern on-demand learning process. Moreover, PMCU has also developed an area that creates learning opportunities for people of all ages, known as the “L.A.M.P @ Siamscape”, in the new SIAMSCAPE development project in the heart of the open Siam Square area. It is intended for the local community, students, and people working in the neighborhood, to have a comfortable space to meet, discuss, exchange experiences, and be open to new interesting innovations circulating throughout the year.


Because we believe that “people” are important to help drive the community forward, and that is why we want to support everyone who wants to live in this area to be the happiest people, reduce inequality, and create basic living aspects that anyone can access, such as dining, where besides that we can choose to eat at a hip restaurant or chic cafes in the neighborhood, but at the same time, there are also many tasty legendary street food shops along Bantadthong Road and throughout the famous Suanluang-Samyan area. In addition to the delicious taste that many people have to travel to prove their worth, their prices are also economical as well.