“FAAMAI DIGITAL ARTS HUB”, digital art laboratory center, giant dome in the city center, complete the digital art scene


31 Aug 20-31 Aug 20

The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University, collaborated with the Property Management Office, Chulalongkorn University, and Pico (Thailand), joined forces to establish the “Digital Arts Center, or FAAMAI Digital Arts Hub” which combines knowledge of the arts and digital technology in line with the trend of the global digital boom and create an expansive wave of digital art awareness in Thailand. It aims to accelerate the creation of people to fill the need for scarce digital art personnel and become a leader as a digital art hub in the Asia-Pacific region within 5 years to support the Thai economy’s recovery.

Mr. Janat Thiengsurin, Director of the Digital Arts Center, or FAAMAI Digital Arts Hub, revealed that, presently, digital media plays an important role and is inevitably interposed into the lives of all of us on this planet. This phenomenon has caused the birth of digital art and has been continuously developed from both inside and outside the art industry. In Thailand, digital art is a field with great potential for growth especially in the creation of jobs in a cross-disciplinary manner, whether it is visual, sound, or performing arts. Therefore, we should create a body of knowledge that should create a better understanding of digital art to accelerate the capacity building of personnel, increase business opportunities, as well as, developing this science as another pioneer in generating income for the country.

“Digital Art” is the creation of works of art by artists simultaneously with technology. At times it also includes the audience interacting with the work as well. Digital technology has opened up new artistic frontiers giving both the artist and the audience a new experience in a way that traditional art cannot.

The FAAMAI project under the supervision of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts has signed a cooperation agreement with 3 parties, and the Property Management Office, Chulalongkorn University (PMCU), which provided support for its location, beside the Chulalongkorn Centennial Park, as well as, related basic utilities. Pico (Thailand) Public Company Limited helped in providing the geodesic dome which is 35 meters in diameter and 17.5 meters in height and is considered the largest dome structure in Thailand and Asia-Pacific. The company also passed on knowledge regarding the introduction of new technologies to merge with works of art and make them into more interesting digital art. The parties also developed body of knowledge in digital art through various activities such as competitions and workshops, etc.

The FAAMAI Digital Arts Hub’s main objective is to establish itself as a center of knowledge and digital artworks produced by students, researchers, Thai and foreign artists, as well as, the general public, and to develop the potential of students and faculty members in the field of digital art to be on par with the international community in terms of creating works and knowledge based on new technologies. In the long term, it also aims to be a driving force in the country’s economy. Besides artistic activities, the area is also open to agencies and external organizations to be used for organizing various activities such as exhibitions, events, meetings, etc., to build business opportunities and create an image of products and services to be innovative, exciting, and modern, and stimulate activities within the community, create alertness and color, create participation and pride for the local community, including generating income for the shops and restaurants in the community as well,” added the project director.

Mr. Worapong Sukteeranantachai Director of the Property Management Office, Chulalongkorn University, said that, on behalf of Chulalongkorn University Property Management Office (PMCU), we are very pleased to provide space support for the FAAMAI Digital Arts Hub, in which the giant dome is located right in the heart of the city. It is easily accessible by public transport and is right next to the Chulalongkorn Centennial Park, near schools and several other educational institutions. These factors are expected to facilitate easy access to FAAMAI. It also supports the publicity of FAAMAI activities through all the LED screens in the Siam Square area, and therefore, is expected to be able to attract people who are interested in digital art to access and can easily participate in various activities.

Most importantly, PMCU has always supported bringing art to the community and developing it into becoming an art district. This is considered a worthwhile development for the area as investments creates learning in new things, especially in digital art, which is the future global trend from now on. This is a concrete creation of sustainability for Thai society.

Ms. Supaporn Sawangjitt, COO of Pico (Thailand) Public Company Limited, commented that, with confidence in the Company’s philosophy that “what is good for society is good for business”, so we, therefore, give importance by bringing in our expertise in communication technology to integrate knowledge at all levels. It can be seen from the past that we work in the form of a Public Private Partnership, which is a collaboration between the public and private sectors, concurrently with the work in the form of social collaboration to create cooperation, create network alliances between government, private sector, and the local community by allowing participation of all sectors and bring in Know-How, which is the strength of each organization, to come together to create projects that are beneficial for society and help create a collective impact or working together to create a collective result like the present FAAMAI project.

Regarding the science of digital art, which is considered new in Thailand, we will use our expertise and knowledge in new technologies to transfer, promote and drive the development of Thai personnel to their full potential in this field. In this particular instance, FAAMAI has been supported in both exhibition areas and new digital art research sites through the geodesic dome with a diameter of 35 meters and a height of 17.5 meters. This is the first time for Thailand to experience new world-class innovations and the latest technology that is used in digital art through the largest dome in the Asia-Pacific region as well. Additionally, assistance was also provided in helping to coordinate cooperation with world-class artists to join in the creation and education to make this project even more complete.

In terms of the economic sector, from the information obtained from the Thai Digital Content Association, it was found that at present, the Thai digital content market is worth up to 25 billion baht and is an industry that plays a major role for business organizations in transforming into digital organizations in every field to create innovative products and services, as well as promoting sales in all forms. Therefore, it can be considered that digital content is the main digital industry that can be unlimitedly applied and expanded in various business fields. This is an aspect that every country gives top priority to. Therefore, the collaborative efforts in establishing the FAAMAI Digital Arts Hub will certainly result in joint creations of higher value in the country’s digital content market in the long run.


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