Take part in helping to reduce PM2.5 dust with SMART MOBILITY in the CHULA SMART CITY project.


24 Jan 20-24 Jan 20

PMCU has invited various partners and young startups to join hands to develop smart travel in new ways by focusing on electric power and pushing towards a sharing economy. It would also like to campaign for the local community to reduce the use of private cars and help towards reducing PM2.5 dust through the Smart Mobility concept in the Samyan Smart City project.

Did you know that currently we can travel within the Chula-Samyan-Siam Square area conveniently and modernly with many cool services, and at the same time, also help to reduce pollution and PM2.5 dust as well…

  • MuvMi: Ride-sharing tuk-tuks that run on electrical power which can be summoned via an application.

A ride-sharing electrical-powered tuk-tuk that is both stylish and unique in a Thai way. You can easily summon the service via an application. Prices are pocket-friendly where it starts from only 15 baht/trip. The more people traveling together, the cheaper it becomes.

  • CU Toyota Ha:mo: EV Car Sharing

A small 1-seater electric car for rent for driving within the designated area. There are supporting stations scattered all around the Chulalongkorn University campus, Siam Square, and Samyan.

  • coBike: Bike Sharing

A bicycle-sharing service that you can immediately use after the application process has been completed. Ride around in style while also getting your exercise.

  • LEAF: EV Scooter Sharing

Traveling alone for short distances in a cool way with an electric scooter that is both fun and flexible. Easy to use via an application.

  • EV Charger Station: Electric charging stations for future EVs

PMCU promotes the installation of EV Charger service points throughout every area under its responsibility and is piloting a charging station at Chamchuri Square’s parking lot. It has also begun changing senior executives’ official cars to electric vehicles (EVs) to support the use of electric vehicles and reinforce one of its missions in contributing to environmental sustainability as well.

  • CHULA Sharing: a platform for Chula residents to share rides together.

CHULA Sharing can be used through LILUNA, an application for sharing travel expenses under the concept “Going the same way, travel together”. Travelers can specify their intended route and find travel companions easily via the application. This help saves travel costs and provides commuters the opportunity to meet new friends, in addition to, helping reduce pollution as well.

  • HAUP CAR: Car Sharing. Car rental service via an application.

Car sharing that allows anyone to use a car. It is easy to use while at the same time convenient. The service can be accessed personally through an application and has service stops all over Bangkok and many other areas.

  • CU POP BUS: Electric bus service running within the designated areas.

EV Shuttle Bus, a new cool pop car running on electrical power. The pink pops are highly familiar to Chula residents. Today, all the vehicles are powered by electricity and additional stations have been added to serve the entire area, from within the Chulalongkorn University campus, to Samyan, and Siam Square.

  • Air Quality Sensor: Real-time monitoring of the PM2.5 dust quantity at several points within the Chula-Siam Square area.

PMCU recognizes the importance of accessing local climate data, and therefore, has installed 8 air quality sensors at Chamchuri Square, Siam Square One, Siamkit, Chulalongkorn Centenary Park, Samyan Market, Suanluang Square, the U-Center dormitory, Park@Siam. PM2.5 dust information from these monitors can easily be checked via the PMCU application or via its website;



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