26 Dec 20-26 Dec 20




The 16th coolest neighborhood in the world, is a unique ART & CRAFT event in a cool atmosphere in the Samyan-Chula area that is worthy of its title.

The opening was fun, warm, and friendly. The Property Management Office (PMCU) has opened a space of opportunity for students to have a stage to showcase their work and invite them to come together and create art at the 16th coolest neighborhood ranked from the 40 coolest neighborhoods in the world, as featured in Timeout magazine at Suanluang Square in Samyan district. The SUANLUANG SQUARE FIELD & FLEA MARKET, is a cool art and crafts event that was organized from December 17-19, 2020, with a large selection of shops with unique designs participating that made everyone enjoy their shopping in the creative market zone with products of various styles, such as specially crafted and handmade handicrafts, art and decorative items, fashion, Eco&Garden, and Living. The event also featured artwork by first-year students from the Faculty of Fine Arts, who intended to create exotic products that were to be launched at the event. There were also specially decorated shops where anyone was free to take photos, as well as, many other activities.

Several fun highlights were featured in a very friendly atmosphere from several different artists who came together to create at Suanluang Square, such as Dome The Star, who came in a hypnotic acoustic style, a mini-concert featuring favorite arty bands that provided fun, from Whal & Dolph from What The Duck camp, the Patrickananda band / My life as ali Thomas / TELEx TELEXs from WARNER MUSIC THAILAND camp, and also music from the Chulalongkorn Demonstration Primary School (CU World / Wan SUK / CUD Rock You band) and participation from the Chulalongkorn Demonstration High School (Omega 3 band from CUD Music Club) and Ari Band that was equally fun.

The most energetic and cute activity to watch was the 2 marching bands, both from the elementary and secondary school departments of Chulalongkorn Demonstration School, where parents cheered on their children amidst a warm atmosphere.

Other interesting activities include the DOODLE GRAFFITI art show by “Kamo” Natphon Komalachun, owner of the KAMO GALLERY Facebook page, an open-air movie zone from INDA COMMUNICATION, good movies from the Japan Foundation, and student works from the Faculty of Film Arts, Chulalongkorn University. Participants also had the chance to chill out with the BOAT & MOST Handpan busking activity, the cool SAXOPHONE from Oat Polpol Zak Saiwan, and the artistic pantomime from Pen Tu Pen Ta. That’s not all. There was also a steady stream of workshops favored by art lovers throughout the day.


A new landmark that everyone must visit is the ART ROOM, designed by artist Khun Wishulada. Enter rooms of imagination through the concept of Trash To Treasure Art, which transformed the room into a space of imagination made from waste materials. And in order to welcome the Christmas and New Year festivities, all areas were lit up with twinkling lights and decorated with the beauty of the materials and where the lights delivered excitement and happiness to people all over the world. But did you know….in every festival, we use up an enormous amount of resources and at the end, these materials are just simply discarded which then creates a mountain of problems for the environment.

For the year 2021, artists want to step into the year and tell people that, in fact, during festivals, we don’t need to consume new resources but instead use the things that are already there. All of the artists’ resources, therefore, are the result of the people’s consumption in Bangkok that was re-created in order to tell the story from the point of view of the reuse process. This work wants the audience to be aware of the consumption of resources, how to use it consciously, and inspire everyone to change their lifestyle and the concept of using materials that occur in our daily lives through reuse for maximum benefit, because the reuse process is another way to reduce environmental problems.

***ART ROOM. This room created excitement for everyone as every corner featured a unique photo op no matter which angle you look from.



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