Smart Governance. Concerns listening to the voice of the community where they can file complaints or express their opinions through QR codes that are posted at various points in the area, and which will be definitely sent directly to the management. Promoting community participation in joint decision-making and monitoring is to create a sense of being a part of the development of various projects within the area. In addition, there is also a policy of public disclosure and open data that is freely accessible to outsiders without any limitations to ensure transparency, accountability, and allow the private sector and startups to analyze the data to make further improvements, fix, or develop new innovations, that would help drive business and act as a link between the public and private sectors as well.

Let’s move forward together… shake hands with the community and various organizations to jointly develop towards a better future.

How important is urban development to communities? Community involvement is therefore very important, and as a result, the PMCU has the vision to create cooperation opportunities for the development of the district. In addition to working with people within the community on various projects, including environment, health, and a better quality of life, there are also several other projects that have been carried out in collaboration with local organizations, government agencies, and many private sectors to create a positive change in the area.


For example, the “New Siam Square cableless” project, which is being implemented in collaboration with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority and telecommunication partners such as True Internet Corporation Co., Ltd., will see communication and power cables being buried underground. The project was piloted in 2020 and was expanded to the Suanluang-Samyan area, which in addition to restoring attractiveness to the local scenery, it also created greater safety and electrical stability. There is also a collaboration program to organize street hawkers with the city’s municipal police with the goal to create a suitable area for local merchants to be able to ply their trade in an orderly fashion while at the same time ensuring a sustainable income and conducive to the lives and foot traffic within the community. Additionally, there are also several other collaborative projects with partners to create a better quality of life and environment for the local community in a variety of ways, such as the installation of a solar roof, a smart power station, free WiFi, recycling and wastewater treatment projects, air quality monitoring, and zero waste project, etc.


Moving towards an “Open-minded City”

In an era where communication and technology are advancing at a rapid pace, making it easier and more accessible for people to access information, PMCU has a policy of moving towards an “Open-minded City”. This will enable the local community to have a space to express opinions or offer suggestions, in addition to, the opportunity to join in the development of this modern city together through online channels or commenting via QR codes as if sending a message directly to the executives. This process will encourage community participation in decision-making processes, audits, and being part of the development of various projects together that will lead towards the development of the best options for the community and society.


Moreover, the general public will also be able to access information regarding various operations of the organization in the form of OPEN DATA, which is the open disclosure of information to outsiders of the organization without any restrictions to ensure transparency and regular monitoring. It also provides the private sector and startups with the opportunity to analyze these data to make improvements, fix, and develop new innovations to help drive the city, community, and local businesses forward, while at the same time, connecting the public and private sectors as well.



  • Communication & Suggestion Channel
  • Participation of Citizens in the Community


  • Open Data: Web Service / Web API / Public Access


  • Digital infrastructure:
    • Underground Fiber Optic Network Cover 100%
    • Free Wifi
Participation of citizen & Open data